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In Flames We Rise
September 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Distartica is a new thrash metal gem out of Houston, TX. They have been formed in 2008, and almost ten years of practice, playing, and sticking together, they unleash their debut album, IN FLAMES WE RISE. Three cool things you gonna find here! 1) The other cool thing here is the name origin; thus, Distartica is a compound word of Distortion, Art and Metallica. 2) Away from any standards and without a front man, they decided to break the standards and set out to perform their shows with the drummer as the lead vocalist! Very cool and difficult job for Carlos! 3) and the coolest of all, drummer and lead vocalist Carlos Vasquez is visually impaired and he uses Apple products in his daily social media interactions. Bravo my friend! Awesome!!

As for the album now, this a very good thrash metal debut album but of course there is no parthenogenesis in here. This is not a problem though. Distartica are possessed of a very particular set of skills, except their skills are focused on creating an authentic facsimile of the speed/thrash zeitgeist of the early 80’s. One of the most anticipated skills in here, is the choruses and the other one the catchiness. Every single song has got its choruses with melody and you can sing along. As for the catchiness, I mean that the main tempo is the mid one, with exceptional leads on guitars and great guitar Slayer-istic bridges. I do like the vocals and especially in parts where are more clean.

Distartica have been careful to conform their sound to what is considerable acceptable for the style, cleaving close to the Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, Xentrix and Slayer playbook and eschewing pretty much every other influence.

There are a few bands, of late, grasping abundances of classic trashy metal in one hand and, with a fistful of innovation in the other, slamming the two together, letting that resulting abomination billow into our collective unsuspecting consciousness.

“Legion of Cowards” will introduces you to what Distartica is all about, “Beasts of Oppression” is an integral track of the live performances, the title track will dominate the audience.

What we have got here is:

overwhelming lyrics – CHECK!

the blistering music – CHECK!

the feverish performance- CHECK!

Texan Distartica are such augurs of unrest, mixing a witches brew of early thrash and modern approach to trouble the mind and fray the nerves…..
Track Listing

01. Into Hell They Marched
02. Legion of Cowards
03. Rising Torment
04. Massive Strike
05. In Flames We Rise
06. Hate Unending
07. Bloodlust
08. Beasts of Oppression
09. When Darkness Blooms
10. The Cybernetic Eye
11. 'Til Death We Thrash


Alex Paxtor: Guitars
Carlos Caceres: Guitar
Carlos Vasquez: Drums/Vocals.
Hector “Animal” Perez: Bass



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