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Lux Perpetua
The Curse Of The Iron King
September 2017
Released: 2017, Underground Symphony
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It is not secret that I gravitate towards the specialty record labels who have avoided following trends to make a dollar and have dedicated themselves to keeping real underground true metal alive. One of those labels is Italy’s Underground Symphony. Our tastes align quite nicely so when I discovered that they had signed a new, young Polish Power Metal band called Lux Perpetua, I was certain it would be enjoyable. Luckily, I was correct.

CURSE OF THE IRON KING is the bands full-length debut following a short, indie EP a few years back. The band name roughly translated from Latin means ‘Perpetual Light’ and I think these young Poles are perpetually shining the light of true Power Metal onto the fans. They have delivered a bold 50-minute album, 11 tracks (plus intro) and it is pretty sweet. The eye-catching cover art deserves some mention. It has a bit of an Egyptian desert motif but it also has knights, werewolves, biker skeletons, it seems like everything is thrown into the mix. It is weird but I like it, it is very Metal and it seems to relate to the song titles such as ‘Riders Of The Dead', ‘Desert Of Destiny’ and ‘The Werewolf’.

To be sincere, Lux Perpetua do not offer much that is extremely unique but that is not the point. They deliver, world-class, high speed Power Metal with energy and excitement. The whole album is pretty fast which is my preference. When they do slow down it is effective as well, for example as heard on the beginning of the song, ‘Eversong’, which is a mild, acoustic led, folk-infused ballad that divides the album nicely. The vocals of Artur are clean, clear and powerful. The band also uses a number of spoken words parts and voice-overs to add extra atmosphere. Gang vocals help add depth to the singing as do the many little symphonic flourishes. For the most part these orchestral parts are pretty minimal used sparingly and effectively.

Poland is not normally known as a bastion of Power Metal, they have some solid bands but Lux Perpetua ranks right up there with the elite of that scene, bands like Pathfinder or Titanium, albeit not quite as frantic as Pathfinder. If you are like me and scour the globe for cool, new Power Metal bands that wave the flag of true Metal, then I’m confident you will enjoy THE CURSE OF THE IRON KING.
Track Listing

1. Celebration 01:29 instrumental
2. Curse of the Iron King 05:19 Show lyrics
3. The Legend 04:27 Show lyrics
4. Army of Salvation 04:01 Show lyrics
5. An Old Bard 06:03 Show lyrics
6. Eversong 03:37 Show lyrics
7. Riders of the Dead 03:58 Show lyrics
8. Rebellion 05:15 Show lyrics
9. The Werewolf 07:34 Show lyrics
10. Desert of Destiny 06:14 Show lyrics
11. Consolation 02:22 instrumental
12. Straight Back to Hell


Paweł Zasadzki Drums
Tomasz Salaciński Guitar
Krzych Direwolf Bass
Mateusz Uściłowski Guitar
Artur Rosiński Vocals
Magdalena Tararuj Keyboards



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