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Disciples By Design
September 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It was nice to see this album come across my desk; from a new band from Hamilton, Ontario called Prismind. Hamilton has never had a huge Metal scene, hindered perhaps by a smaller population and overshadowed by the 2.5 million+ behemoth city of Toronto, just about 30 minutes north-east. Over the years Hamilton has had some bigger name bands break onto the global stage in a variety of styles, Sven Gali, Varga, and Threat Signal but has never produced many bands in the way of traditional power or progressive Metal acts. Prismind is here to change that.

I’m really impressed with their independent debut, DISCIPLES BY DESIGN. This medium length, nine-track album runs about 45 minutes and all the songs are in the 4-5 minute range…but…there is a hell of a lot of notes and playing in those short songs! As all good Progressive Power bands do they let it all hang out, most of the time with very dense playing, fills and busy songs. Even when they do ease off the throttle a bit, for example on cuts like ‘Slaves to The Machine’, they still retain a nice intensity and sense of momentum.

Lyrically and visually the band seems to go with a bit more of a modern, futuristic, or even Sci-fi vibe, rather than fantasy realms that most of the bands in this arena prefer to inhabit. That does not mean that Prismind have succumbed to the trap of modernity, this is classically fuelled Prog Metal to the core, with little hints of influences dating back to Rush, Queensryche and Dream Theater. The guitar tone is heavy, the pace is driving and there are great little licks and mini-solos all over the place. The vocals of John Mamone are well-delivered, with conviction and power. He hits some nice notes at the end of ‘Diamond Eye’. Drummer Mike Harshaw was in Annihilator for a little while a couple of albums, which is actually a long time for that band! His busy, intense playing is perfect for this type of act. The short songs suit the band, they lay down some great ideas, some top-notch playing but don’t over-complicate things and too techy, like many of the modern prog/tech/death bands. There still is a fine sense of song.

Prismind could quite be my favourite new band out of Hamilton and perhaps the best thing to come out of there Metal scene in many years. DISCIPLES BY DESIGN is certainly earning more and more playtime on my stereo. I guess that makes me a Prismind disciple by design.
Track Listing

1. Pawns of the Damned
2. Dagger
3. Slaves to the Machine
4. Diamond Eye
5. Our Broken Fate
6. Palace of the Mighty and the High
7. Last Breath
8. Time Unforgiving
9. Void 5


John Mamone Vocals
Kelly Kereliuk Guitar
Justin Faragher Bass
Mike Harshaw Drums



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