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Syn Ze Şasa Tri
Zaul Moş
September 2017
Released: 2017, Code666 Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Syn Ze Şasa Tri have created, packaged and set for release their fourth album since the band's inception in 2007. That's ten years and now over three hours of Romanian and pagan mythology done with some very elaborate and distinguished symphonic black metal leanings. Having made yet another change of personnnel, main man and head wolf Corb has assembled together nine tracks of music which is being released via their trustworthy label of Code666 Records.

They've shifted a little bit forward from their previous efforts, albeit still having the music mixed and mastered through Studio73 by Paso where their last release of 'Stăpîn Peste Stăpîni' was assembled. They have also teamed up with Darkgrove Studio for the album's artwork which captures the aura of the infamous ancient Dacian warriors for which this album's mythology is based on.

Musically, there is a much more refined nature to the songs on this album. Their previous albums, whilst being quite intricate in composition, had a more raw sound which leaned a little more towards the second wave black metal bands in terms of riffs and Corb's vocals but with their, at times, extravagant symphonic background. 'Zaul Moş' however, has a crisper and tighter sound, which, whilst not being too far removed from previous recordings, brings a more progressive structure and flow which comes off as if it is combining black/folk and power metal with the further grandeur of the symphony.

The epic opening 'Tărimu De Lilumină' combines all the best parts that the band can produce. So many layers and components are wound together with exceptional creativity and thought. I'm not going to use the old "rich tapestry" metaphor, it would be more apt comparing it to Trajan's Column; the scenes of battle carved with the precision and skill of a master craftsman into the stone forever and stacked to the heavens. Other tracks such as 'De-A Dreapta Umului' further the fantastical with an odd combination of Beethovenesque key boarding over blast beats with some mighty guitar sweeps thrown in for good measure.

The album takes a left turn and softens somewhat with the sixth track 'Plecaciune Zaului' where we have clean vocals as well as harmonies with one undeclared female vocalist. They go back to their more normalised system on the next track 'Urzeala Ceriului' which brings back the toing and froing between Corb's gritty cries with the death growls of Suier. Everything is rather immaculate and polished, all the better for displaying that gleam that sparks off the razor edge.

Syn Ze Şasa Tri keep the imagination running with the dynamic 'Cocosii Negri'. It starts off with deep wind instruments which take you straight to the Carpathian forrests that surround their native land before a great fury erupts before all sequences itself out to the melodic. This melody sets us up for the intro to the final track 'In Pentecu' Pamintului' which mixes in softer woodwind parts at the start ,which come back in to close the album, amongst the now familiar backing of ascending guitars, encapsulating synths, over-the-top drum tracks and the harmonious disharmonies via our vocal heroes Corb and Suier.

The fourth and maybe their most grandiose effort to date, 'Zaul Moş' represents a highly imaginative and ambitious piece of music which is highly captivating yet at times baffling. Very enjoyable for those who are want to experience a little flair tinged with methodical precision yet still rather dramatic and entertaining.

Track Listing

09-IN PINTECU' PAMINTULUI (electric version)


Șuier (Vocals)
Corb (Guitars, Vocals)
Moș (Guitars)
Dor (Drums)

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