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Syron Vanes
Chaos From A Distance
September 2017
Released: 2017, Mighty Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

These guys deserve some sort of award for longevity and consistency. Formed way back in the 80’s the Swedes churned out a couple of albums. I knew they existed but have never seen a hard copy in any form or heard them for myself. They reformed in 2003 and got onto my radar about 10 years ago and I’ve followed them ever since.

CHAOS FROM A DISTANCE came out in nearly January, 2107 on the smaller but respected label Mighty Music and may have suffered from poor release timing and weaker distribution because this one didn’t get much press. However as the year progressed I found myself going back to it for a solid and professional old-school Metal album so I decided to review it.

The new album has a bit of a USPM vibe to it which is always a good thing. It is a generous 13 cut album running for about an hour and there is no shortage of good riffs. The album is largely mid-tempo to upbeat but not catchy, happy Metal by any means. There are some back-up gang vocals to add a bit of intensity but they are not in a sweet sing-along style. Rimmy Hunter has a good voice, some grit and power and he delivers decent lyrics. The album seems to have a bit of religious theme, although the band are not ‘White Metal’ by any means. Just a cursory glance at the song titles gives you an idea of the theme of religion; ‘God Of War’, Angelchild’, ‘Crucified’, ‘The Seventh Day’, ‘Shape Of God’ and ‘Saints On Fire’ give the album some nice lyrical cohesion. I try not to name drop too many bands in other bands reviews but if you would like a comparison I might cite bands like Angels Of Babylon, or Jag Panzer , bands that have power and yet retain a melodic sensibility. CHOAS FROM A DISTANCE never gets too chaotic actually, it never achieves the speed to have that feeling of going off the rails, but it does have that immeasurable ‘groove’ (normally I dislike the term) and a sense of just being right in the pocket for crunchy, head-banging tunes.

I haven’t met many, well... any Syron Vanes fans to be honest, but that is perhaps not surprising living in Western Canada. This review is my little contribution in the hopes that some readers will want to check out this band.
Track Listing

1. God of War
2. Angelchild
3. Chaos from a Distance
4. Crucified
5. The Seventh Day
6. Trial by Spirit
7. Lies
8. Shape of God
9. I Don't Wanna See You Die
10. Saints on Fire
11. Master of Overkill
12. Ringside
13. Sleepwalking


Andy Seymore Guitar
Rimmy Hunter Vocals, Guitar
Jacob Lagergren Bass
Mats Bergentz Drums



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