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Trinity Site
After The Sun
September 2017
Released: 2017, Self Released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After their 2012 EP “Ex Inferis”, Trinity Site are back with a whole new album titled “After The Sun”. As a melodic death metal album, they truly did outdo themselves.

The album stars with a what you would think is an intro, but it emerges into a raging sound of deep growling vocals and high pitched screams mixed with mad guitars ripping your ears. The thing that left a really good mark while listening to it was the mix of the vocals with the guitars. While the vocals are deep and growling the guitars usually have high pitched, and when the vocalist is screaming the guitar is usually at the top frets. That in my opinion gave this album a really good boost up.

The album is mainly with a fast tempo and aggressive tone, but on some occasions it can slow up a little , just enough to give you a perfect tempo so you can headbang. All the solos are pure treasure as they mix with riffs and hooks all the time and you get a perfect mixture of guitars flowing all the time.

There is a series of 2-3 song that kind of lower the aggression but then, it suddenly kicks in again and reverses you back to the path that the album firstly started from.The album closes of with a track where literally every man from the band shows his all, his best. If you’re in to melodic death metal, I recommend listening to this.

Review by : Kire Jovanovski
Track Listing

1. After The Sun
2. March Of The Condemned
3. Omnicide
4. Beyond The Rim
5. Lost Colony
6. Humanize Me
7. Still Water
8. Our Wealth
9. Something Is Living Under My Skin
10. Revenants


Ronny Rocket- Vocals
Jochen Rau- Guitar
Simon Lummel- Guitar
Sascha Born- Bass
Andreas Rau- Drums

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