"Metal-Rules has consistently treated me courteously and professionally. They respond to my emails quickly and shipped my orders within 24 hours. I bought the Volume I CD (I'm ready for Volume II!) when it came out last year and just bought the t-shirt which I'll proudly wear to "Speak The Word" about Metal-Rules.com. HAIL Metal-Rules!"
Kevin, Dallas, Texas

"This is my third order with Metal-Rules.com and each time I have gotten the cd's fast. The cd's are reasonably priced, unlike some stores. Metal-Rules is also the site I visit on a regular basis to get metal news, reviews, mp3's and read the columns and such. What can I say? You Rule!! Great work!!"
Mike, Windham, Ohio

"Metal-Rules.com kicks ass. This is the second order I've made with you and it got here quickly both times. Keep up the good work!"
Colin, SK Canada

My CDs arrived just less than two weeks after ordering, It's the fastest overseas order that I've ever received. Metal-Rules.com have the best comprehensive MP3 downloading to check out some mind-blowing bands that you've never imagined existed. They are always updated and their response to your request is almost immediate. It's the only Metal website that can resuscitate you from metal dissention!
Vincent, Singapore
(paid extra for shipping via registered mail - recommended for international orders!)

"The stores around here are terrible...you can't find good (as in REAL, not (c)rap) metal anywhere!  Those shitty online ordering stores on the internet that say "allow 6-8 weeks delivery" aren't very reliable either...  and for everyone who requests faster shipment from online ordering companies (believe me, I've done it) should know that it still takes 6-8 weeks to get to your door, or it just gets "LOST IN THE MAIL".  This is why I like the Metal-Rules.com CD store.  I ordered Angel Dust - Enlighten The Darkness.  It took about 6 days for my money order to reach the place, and 8 days later the CD is waiting for me as I walk in the door getting home from school.  So trust me when I say this... even though the selection is small, YOU GET YOUR METAL."
Jon, Smithville, Ontario, Canada

"If you like getting your CD's faster than you like your metal than I suggest you order from Metal-Rules.com. My CD's were mailed the day I ordered them and arrived a hell of allot sooner than anticipated. Also, EvilG responds to your e-mails and questions personally. Excellent service and an excellent price. Metal Rules!!"
Stormcrow, FL, USA

"I have ordered metal CD's from numerous labels and distribution companies but I have never received such fast and courteous service. I know the frustration metalheads, you see a CD you want and you can't wait to get your hands on it but sometimes have to wait weeks until you receive it, but not with Metal Rules. I had the CD's in my hands in days, and with no extra shipping charge!!  I love the CD's and hope you will continue to add more to your current roster in the future!"
Derek, Cleveland, OH

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