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Morbid Angel Masters of Chaos tour at KB in Malm? Sweden PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
April 22, 2005


Morbid Angel
Masters of Chaos tour
23/3 ? 05

Review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Morbid Angel toured through the States earlier this year with Soulfly as support act (for more info on that read Lord of the Wastelands review of Morbid Angel in the States here) and now they?re over here in Europe and Scandinavia, the show I witnessed was show number 5 and the whole tour ends in London at the 19th of April.



The band was over here in Europe last year and I caught them at the Roskilde Festival but that time it was a very pale Morbid Angel that stood on stage but that was probably because they were scheduled to play at noon and of course the rain pored down. They were also playing on the large stage which had a capacity for 80 000 people and that?s maybe not the right forum for Morbid Angel.

Everyone should know that the original singer and bass player Dave Vincent has returned to the band after a 10 year absence and it was about time because things haven?t gone so well with Steve Tucker behind the mic.

Necrophagist was supposed to be one of the support acts but they cancelled so instead the line up  was Arise from Sweden and Hatesphere from Denmark.

The venue opened at 8pm and this time there wasn?t any age limit so there were a lot of younger fans (usually there is an age limit on this club at age 20). Sadly it was not even half full. Kulturbolaget has a capacity for about 750 people and this night there was probably only around 150 paying fans there. Arise was supposed to kick off the show at 9 but they started half an hour earlier. They played for about 30 minutes and so did Hatesphere as well after that it was about 30 minutes of waiting before Morbid Angel entered the stage. There seemed to be something wrong with Dave?s gear therefore the long wait, but after taking the stage Pete kicked off the evening with a drum solo.

My expectations were high after reading the review here in metal-rules and they sure didn?t let anyone down this night. All that they played was old classics from Dave?s time with the band and nothing from the newer albums, they did the exact same set list as in the US. Today Morbid Angel are:

                Dave Vincent ? lead vocals, bass
                Trey Azagthoth ? guitar
                Tony Norman ? guitar
                Pete Sandoval ? drums

Even if the crowd wasn?t too big it did its best to give the guys a warm welcome to Malm?. There were a lot of younger fans there and I think it?s probably the first time they witness a Morbid Angel show, but it?s only fun to see that younger people discover older bands ?cause it?s because of them the bands survives. It?s also fun to see younger guys banging their head to Morbid Angel in 2005, that was something I used to do in the mid 80?s.


?Rapture? was the first in line of many old classical songs this evening and after that came ?God of emptiness?, ?Blood on my hands?, ?Pain divine? and ?Pay of suffering? which are all from the legendary albums BLESSED ARE THE SICK, COVENANT and ALTARS OF MADNESS.

You couldn?t tell that David has been away for a decade, the band are tight and mean and this night they runs through as a raging train. The only equipment the guys had was their speakers and an enormous backdrop behind Pete with letters so big you only could see half of them, in other words had they a lot of space to move something that only David and Tony took advantage of. Trey only looked shy and stood solid on his side of the stage with all of his hair in his face, you couldn?t see his face once during the show. Pete had a gigantic drum set where he showed off his skills on, he?s both technical and fast and he plays really fast, he was totally soaked in sweat when the show was over. Tony and Trey are excellent guitar players that really fits together perfect, Trey took care of the lead guitar and that was something he did with honors. Last in line we have David that didn?t do so much between the songs except for introducing them and telling us how fun it was to be back in Malm? again, he counted out that it must been 10 or 12 years since the last time he was here. He dedicated ?Sworn to black? to the guys ?cause that was something they?ll always be and ?Dominate? is what Morbid Angel always will do. He looked really glad to see that the band wasn?t forgotten and he thanked the fans numerous of times for coming to the show.

David?s voice sounded pretty intact if not even better this time around, I?m old enough to remember how David sounded back in the late 80?s/early 90?s. Also the light and sound was at its best, you could hear everything Dave said and sang loud and clear.

It was a very vital and energetic Morbid Angel that stood on the Malm? stage this cold night they sounded real enthusiastic and it looked like they had real fun on stage and after having witness this I really hope that Dave stays in the band in the future. The really shows that they are legends in their genre and that they have influenced numerous of bands.

The ordinary playing time was about 1 hour that finished with ?Chapel of ghouls? and at the end of that song thanked David everyone that had come to the show. Shortly after enters David once again and asks if the crowd wants to hear more and of course we want that. Dave asks if we want to hear one or two more song and the audience screams for two more songs which will be ?God of emptiness? and ?World of shit?.



When David thanked us the second time he said that he hoped that Morbid Angel could come back really soon in order to destroy Europe once again. Morbid Angel did a brilliant show, the only negative thing was the short playing time, otherwise I went out in the night with a big smile on my face. Something that I?m pretty sure the rest of the audience did as well.

Hopefully Morbid Angel will attack us with another deadly assault of metal really soon and I really hope that David continues with the band in the future.


After the show I met the band and some fans asked Dave if he?s going to stay in the band but David answered that he didn?t know and  wasn?t sure of anything. The guys should have talked over Dave?s future in the band when they got off the US tour for two weeks before they traveled to Europe but for some reason everyone in the band sick so they hadn?t got the time to talk it over. In other words are Dave?s place in the band still uncertain.

Thanks to Jens ?Bobbo? Bornhoeft at Audiovisuelle Produktionen and Tobias Eriksson at Skrikhult Production Sweden for press/photo pass at the show.


Pain divine
Maze of torment
Sworn to black
Lord of all fevers
Down of the angry
Where the slime live
Blood on my hands
Immortal rites
Day of suffering
Evil spells
Chapel of ghouls

God of emptiness
World of shit


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Last Updated ( May 04, 2005 )

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