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ANNIHILATOR @ O2 Islington Academy, London PDF Print E-mail
Written by UK Team   
December 07, 2010

@ O2 Islington Academy, London

20th November 2010

Reviewer: Alex Agamoth

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

London can be the most unpredictable city in terms of weather conditions and mostly turns out to be quite a bad surprise, but we weren't going to let the UK ruin this gig!

On arrival we weren't impressed as we discovered our photo-pass had not been issued correctly for this gig, but we all know it is not Mr. Waters responsibility for such bad management but down to their signed label. 

Given such a frustrated start, our experience photographer managed to catch a glimpse of the show anyway, so kudos to her for getting some great shots!

Having to match up the time with the usual post shows club nights, that effect every single London venue on a Saturday night, the band went on stage at 8pm. Mr. Waters and Mr. Padden appeared on the stage to a very crowed venue.

The crowd immediately went crazy as the band opens with the new album “Ambush”.

It is literally impossible not to admire and respect these guys they don’t mess around nor miss a note, you can appreciate their professionalism and musicianship as much as them having fun playing their music.

It is a return to the origin of Thrash Metal, their set is a mix of old and new songs, with a take no prisoners effect on everyone in the crowd. No one stands still on songs like “King of the Kill”, “Ultra-motion”, “W.T.Y.D”, furious, histrionic, blistering tunes that leave the crowed with not a second to breathe, but head-bang like there's no tomorrow.

The showmanship tonight is at such a high standard that is outclassing Metallica and Megadeth by miles; Jeff Waters is definitely pondering his reputation as skilled musician and live performer. Un-likely other mentioned bands Annihilator show with no prima donna attitudes, against any odds this show is performed for the fans, like any show should.

Of course my personal favourite and life standing inspiring son “Alice in Hell” is the last hit between the eyes of their set tonight. As predictable as this could be the entire audience now is battling in the moshing pit.

An outstanding moment is watching Jeff smashing his flying V to pieces; this is a man that deserves respect and admiration, way to go!

Last Updated ( December 09, 2010 )

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