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Tarja Turunen What Lies Beneath European Tour – Second Leg 2011 at Lilla Vega Copenhagen, Denmark PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
June 30, 2011



Tarja Turunen
What Lies Beneath European Tour – Second Leg 2011
Lilla Vega
22/5 – 2011


Review and live pictures by Anders Sandvall



Turunen is out doing her second tour leg in Europe. She started the tour before the release of her latest album WHAT LIES BENEATH. Last time I saw her play was at Graspop Metal Meeting Festival in Belgium last summer before the new album was out. Personally I think the new album is a lot better compared to her debut solo album MY WINTER STORM. Turunen was supposed to play at the larger venue Store Vega (which means Big Vega with a capacity for about 1500 people) but the show was degraded to the smaller place Lille Vega (Small Vega) that holds about 500 people. The venue lies pretty close to the main train central in Copenhagen but to get to the venue you have to go through the seedy places of the town where the porn shops and strip clubs lies.

There were a lot of different people that had come to see Turunen. I could see teenage girls, gentlemen in jackets, and a few hard rockers. Time flew by pretty fast and after an argument with the security that told me that after having taken pictures of Turunen in the pit I HAD to leave my camera in the wardrobe(!) it was time for Turunen to enter stage. I have never met such rude security and have never heard of such ridiculous rules regarding cameras that I heard at Lille Vega, that absolutely drags down the experience.


Tarja Turunen

All of the members in the band came on to the stage first and they were:

Christian Kretschmar – keyboards
Kevin Chawn – bass, vocals
Alex Scholpp – guitar
Mike Terrana – drums
Max Lilja – cello

Turunen entered the stage while the intro was playing and she was warmly greeted by the fans and the audience on the floor. But one thing failed from the start. The curtain that hung in front of the stage covering the band and Turunen didn't drop until a few minutes into the first song so no one could see the band or the singer. The first song for the night was “Anteroom Of Death”. Turunen had on a long black dress and she looked, as always, gorgeous. “My Little Phoenix” and “I Feel Immortal” followed and Turunen looked really happy and moved around on stage during most of the show. She never stood still for any longer moments.


Bassist Kevin Chawn sang also so from time to time the music reminded me of Nightwish. Another factor that contributed to the reminiscence of Nightwish music was the heavy guitar playing by Scholpp. I also have to mention one of the hardest working drummers in the business – Terrana that did his best to get the crowd going. He is for sure one of the most charismatic drummers I have seen. Turunen thanked everyone for coming to see her and said that she was glad to be in Copenhagen. She said that everyone looked beautiful and she called her fans her angels. “Dark Star” followed and during that song I was forced to head back to the wardrobe to leave my camera. I was also forced to pay to put in my camera-bag. I have never been at a place where you first are forced to put in your camera after you have taken pictures but then also have to pay for it. I don't think I'm coming back to Lille Vega for a long time!






When I got back to the floor Turunen had ended the song “I Walk Alone” and was about to kick off “Falling Awake”. At the end of the song everyone except Terrana walked off stage because now it was time for the crazy drummer to do his solo.  When Turunen re-entered the stage had she switched clothes and had now on a new dress and she told us to give a warm hand to Mike “The Beast” Terrana. This particular show was the last one for the tour and Turunen said it felt great to end the tour in Copenhagen. “Little Lies” continued and I noticed that her songs sounded a lot more heavier live compared to on the album and that the band also added more edge to her songs! “Underneath” and the Nightwish song “The Siren” were two really popular songs that the audience sang along to and it was fun to hear that she had incorporated a Nightwish song into her set list because after all Nightwish had a huge impact on her and may of her fans' lives. When the song ended everyone went off stage once again and the crew put out chairs on stage.

The band returned after short while and Turunen had again changed outfits. All of the members on stage sat down and Turunen said that she had problems with getting on the chair during the entire tour but luckily she managed this time without falling and laughed. Everyone in the venue could see that it was time for some unplugged action and the band kicked off the acoustic set with the song “Higher Than Hope”. “We Are” followed and then sat Turunen down at the keyboards and played while Kretschmar played the cello and the song “Minor Heaven” was played. “The Archive Of Lost Dreams” followed and that was the last acoustic song. “Ciaran's Well” and “In For The Kill” was the last two songs and when Turunen and the rest of the band went of stage had they been playing for about 1.20.






Of course the band came on stage again after a few minutes and the first encore was “End All Hope” and it was followed by “Die Alive” and “What Lies Beneath” and it seemed like Turunen and the band had a great time on stage and that they all really loved what they were doing. Turunen seemed to be very humble and moved by the great and warm response she received from the fans. The entire playing time was all together about 2 hours and it was a really great show. I loved the set-list and Turunen has a great stage personality and of course she has an amazing voice. It was sad though that only about 400 people had showed up to support her but the brave crowd did their best to make Turunen feel welcome. The one thing that was a HUGE minus was the rude security staff and the insane rules that Lille Vega has regarding photographers. But that has nothing to do with the Turunen show which was brilliant.

Even though MY WINTER STORM wasn't the best of albums, I do think Turunen is on the right path with WHAT LIES BENEATH and I think she deserves to be recognized also as a solo artist and not only as the former voice of Nightwish.


Big thank you to the Turunen-manager Marcelo Cabuli for help with press/photo pass and thank you to Pyg Grynderup at Beatbox Booking & Concerts for all the help.

No Thanks to the Vega security guards and personal for their ignorant behavior this evening


Anteroom Of Death
My Little Phoenix
I Feel Immortal
Dark Star
I Walk Alone
Falling Awake
Drum solo/Instrumental Solo
Little Lies
The Siren (Nightwish)
Higher Than Hopes- unplugged (Nightwish)
We Are - unplugged
Minor Heaven - unplugged
The Archives Of Lost Dreams - unpugged
Ciaran's Well
In For A Kill
End Of All Hope (Nightwish)
Die Alive
Until My Last Breath


More info about the band


Last Updated ( July 02, 2011 )

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