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WARBRINGER @ Camden Barfly PDF Print E-mail
Written by UK Team   
September 05, 2012

Warbringer  @ Camden Barfly

17 th July 2012

Review by Ashlinn Nash

Photography by Sabrina Dersel

Tonight it set to be a treat with a cacophony of thrash in a intimate showcase of the best bands involved in the current rise of NMOTHM (New wave of thrash metal). With tonight’s bands spanning  cross-continents with no trepidation and plenty of adrenaline fuelling their power punch musical engines, from Brazil to Australia and back again via California with a quick stop off in Southampton.  Tonight starts off with UK’s own Southampton Desolator [4/5] who start by submerging the crowd into a world of fast paced panache, mixed with a generous lacing of beer fuel.
The adrenaline junkie’s work through well received numbers “Aggression Possession” with slick bass lines, howling vocals and powerhouse drumming the combination is phenomenal.

Wearing shirts of influence the band work through Tankard, D.R.I, Virus, Bay Area thrash synthesised together sounding songs that please tonight’s crowd.

Next up are Necroriser (4.5/5) who are a very enjoyable fast paced speed death band mixing the elementals sublimely to create a very unique sound.


Led by bassist singer, the pit opens up for the Brazilian growl infused thrashers.

With such delightful precision drumming of fluid and robotically fast and simplicity in stage show with pure attention on the music and crowd reaction, which is lapping up the head-bangable crunch of the band.


A great start to the night!

Travelling the continent again are Elm street (4/5)!

A four piece from Melbourne Australia, who come with a impressive banner the newest album artwork a massive leather clad skeleton.

It’s a strong statement that the rich guitar-toned, Aussie’s have to offer, with this being their first time in London.

The band, go down incredibly well and adapt their movie themes to the crowd sublimely. With song such as Judas priest cover "breaking the law"  goes out to the metal god Dio, the troupe get away with it perfectly.

Into the bombastic “leather face” this is band who have a fun attitude and have more horror film references than HMV. With Kaleidoscopic sounds of speed and thrash this band will be hard to beat.

Headliners tonight are Warbringer (5/5) who run through some quick roll sound checks before dishing out some of that all American thrash delights. They have a very tough job after the nights smashing support bands all warming up the crowd.

The Party continues when John [Singer] announces "oh shit we're running late but there's always time to rock” you know that these guys don’t take it too seriously, but are furiously amazing musicians. John holds preacher worthy presence  among the lapping crowd who conducts his thrash army into songs such as “Wake up destroy”-  which starts the first crowd chuck from the stage.

The first of many as a barrage of crowd activity continues with “Summon reality”, “Lock n load” and shoot to kill” send off the full on circle pits of the evening.

Working through to a new number “Demonic Ecstasy” from the new album sends a flourish of new energised head banging with the crowd all interlinked arms to and simultaneously joined.

“Total war” is a well known staple track to Warbringer who tonight summon a crowd surf of people to come onto the stage and be passed to the back of the venue.

Creating a chaotic pit looking like a conveyer belt of people. Tonight has been an uncompromisingly awesome gig, with cool moments such as the singer using a water bottle to open his beer ingenious stuff. Tonight shows that thrash is on the rise welcomed rise once more.

Last Updated ( September 06, 2012 )

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