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Obituary / Broken Hope: Carnival of Death Tour, The Gramercy Theater, New York City Sept. 11, 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Infamousbutcher   
October 04, 2012

Obituary / Broken Hope
Carnival of Death Tour

The Gramercy Theater, New York City
September 11, 2012

Review & Pics by Infamousbutcher

For nearly 30 years Tampa death metal legends Obituary have been playing their brand of low tuned, grinding, brutal death metal, remaining true to their sound. They are also one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen, brining power and ferocity to every performance. Constantly on tour since 2005, Obituary decided to do a special US tour called Carnival Of Death that would only include songs from their first three classic albums, 1989’s SLOWLY WE ROT, 1990’s CAUSE OF DEATH, and 1992’s THE END COMPLETE. The band had asked fans to submit setlist suggestions on Facebook or via email back in August, intending to play songs they had never or rarely played live before. Holy fuck, it’s like a deathmetaller’s morbid dream come true! Having seen Obituary before, I know there are some great songs that never get played, like “Infected” and “Body Bag” so I was chomping at the bit to see what we would get! To make the tour even more awesome, the main support band is Chicago’s Broken Hope who have just reformed after 12 years, ready to swamp us all in gore! Bring on the old school brutality!

Tonight show is at the Gramercy Theater in New York City, a cool venue for a metal show. The place holds about 1,000 people with a large pit area and ascending rows of seats in the back. Sound quality was good and prior to the show you could hang out downstairs in the lounge bar where merchandise was being sold. Speaking of that, Obituary and Broken Hope had the best selection of shirts I’ve ever seen at a non-festival show, with killer classic album cover designs, only $21 for a 2X! I went a bit apeshit and bought 4 shirts, wearing my SLOWLY WE ROT one right now as I write! Also hanging out in the lounge were Suffocation guitarist Guy Marchais and bassist Derek Boyer. Suffocation is from Long Island, NY so they came to the show to support their friends in Obituary. I got to talk to Guy and Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres briefly before Broken Hope came on, what great, down to earth guys they are! I also got to talk shop with lots of other fans. Metal fans are by far the most passionate and interesting music fans around! I can have a great music conversation with someone I’ve never met and maybe make a new friend. Who says metalheads are all a bunch of anti-social violent nut jobs? People that don’t know dick about metal, that’s who!    

It’s amazing Broken Hope is back. After 5 brutal, sick slabs of metal in the 90s, they broke up in 2000 and in 2010 original singer Joe Ptacek committed suicide. Now the band has reformed with Gorgasm vocalist Damian Leski taking over for Joe. Tonight’s show was their 3rd performance and the crowd was pumped! The stage was adorned with disgusting artwork from the classic THE BOWELS OF REPUGNANCE album (my personal fave), a cool touch! The instrumental “Repugnance” kicked things off ominously, before Broken Hope stormed the stage and slaughtered us with a superb rendition of “The Dead Half”! The band was impressively tight right from the start despite the long hiatus and musically the guitars, bass, and drums were dead on, sounding just like the albums. Damian did a superb job with the vocals, almost as guttural as Joe (the esophagus) used to sound. I think he is an excellent replacement, kind of like Dave Ingram replacing Barney Greenway in Benediction back in the early 90s. The crowd, who had given the band a warm welcome back, was familiar with the material as moshing and headbanging ensued! Broken Hope focused on material from their first four albums, SWAMPED IN GORE, THE BOWELS OF REPUGNANCE, REPULSIVE CONCEPTION, and LOATHING. Best songs included “Remember My Members” (blistering and savage), “Coprophagia” (eat shit and enjoy it), “Dilation and Extraction” (late term abortions), and the aforementioned “The Dead Half”. Killer set of gore metal, can’t wait to see these guys again at Maryland Deathfest XI in May!  







At about 11:10 Obituary took the stage to a rabid response and warmed up for a minute before diving into the rare SLOWLY WE ROT track “Stinkupuss”. The first 4 songs were all obscure tracks from SLOWLY WE ROT, I really dug “Intoxicated” and “Gates to Hell” but I think all of the songs were shortened a bit. John Tardy’s unique screams and groans stood out amid the grinding from Trevor and Donald’s hammering drum attack. New bassist Terry Butler (of Massacre and Death fame) fit in seamlessly, keeping down the low end. Not only is John is the best death metal vocalist of all time, I think he is one of the very best metal vocalists ever. If Rob Halford is the Metal God, then John is the Death Metal God! He was not drowned out even once during the hour and fifteen minute set, and quite often his vocals were more powerful and vicious than they are on the albums, even after all of these years! For more evidence of John’s vocal prowess, check out his backing vocals on Cancer’s “Die Die” and Napalm Death’s “Unfit Earth” and tell me he doesn’t dwarf the other vocalists (John Walker and Barney Greenway, respectively) he is singing with!

Up next were some tracks from my favorite Obituary album, CAUSE OF DEATH. I got my wish – we got brutal renditions of “Infected” (Peeling, rid you of your skin!), and “Body Bag” (You’re rotting!)! Been waiting a long time to hear those and it was f*&king worth it! Both songs were played in their entirety, unlike “Cause of Death” which lacked the slow opening buildup and “Chopped In Half”, which was combined with “Turned Inside Out”. I’d prefer if Obituary played either all of “Chopped In Half” or “Turned Inside Out” rather than blending the two but this is something they have been doing for years. Back in the day (in 1993) I got to hear both songs separately.  

Now it was time for some END COMPLETE! All of the song selections were flawless and lead heavy, “Back To One”, “Killing Time”, “Dead Silence” (rare track), and an insane version of “The End Complete”. The pit stoked up a bit and became more violent during the familiar hit! The band left the stage briefly before Donald came out to bludgeon us with his drum solo! Then we got an awesome version of “I’m in Pain” (much heavier than the album) followed by a devastating raw version of the old classic everyone had been waiting for, “Slowly We Rot”! It is still Obituary’s most intense song, with John’s foaming at the mouth vocal delivery as Trevor riffs at blistering speed. FIGHT THEM ALL, JOIN ME, SLOWLY WE ROT indeed! Overall a great set despite a few complaints about shortened songs. All deathmetallers left happy, battered, and drained, we shall never forget the night Obituary played the classic rare cuts and nothing else! Thank you death metal kings! Looking forward to the new album in 2013!            


Broken Hope setlist:
1.    Repugnance
2.    The Dead Half
3.    Dilation and Extraction
4.    Coprophagia
5.    Swamped in Gore
6.    Preacher of Sodomy
7.    Siamese Screams
8.    Remember My Members
9.    He Was Raped
10.    I Am God
11.    Gore Hog
12.    Into the Necrosphere
13.    Pitbull Grin
14.    Felching Vampires

Obituary set list:

1.    Stinkupuss
2.    Intoxicated
3.    Immortal Visions
4.    Gates to Hell
5.    Infected
6.    Cause of Death
7.    Chopped in Half
8.    Turned Inside Out
9.    Body Bag
10.    Back to One
11.    Killing Time
12.    The End Complete
13.    Dead Silence
14.    Drum Solo
15.    I'm in Pain
16.    Slowly We Rot


Last Updated ( October 04, 2012 )

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